Seller Tip #541 : How to Make Grout Look Brand New Again — No Scrubbing!

Home seller tips - what to do to get my home ready for sale

Home seller tips - what to do to get my home ready for saleHome seller tips - what to do to get my home ready for sale

I often get asked by clients who want to sell their home “What do I need to do to prepare my home for sale?” or “What can I do to sell my home fast?” I have a list of advice for my clients of course – but one secret I will let you in on is focus on the details! These little details often are the difference between a home that sells in 24 hours with multiple offers and one that sits on the market for months.

Those of you that follow my page know I promote deep cleaning your homes when preparing for sale. After touring hundreds of homes this year, I noticed one item that can easily get overlooked during the deep clean is the grout on those otherwise beautiful tile floors. Curious about this, I scoured the internet and tried some different at home options, hoping I could find one that worked well with as minimal effort as possible because I know how busy you all are!

This remedy is super easy and works incredibly well! I have posted my before and after photos for you to judge for yourself!  I am going to start recommending this to my clients to freshen up their tile bathrooms, kitchens and entry ways.

Step 1:  Sweep your floor to remove any dirt or dust from the surface.

Step 2: Pour Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach on the grout lines and let sit for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: With a grout sponge and a bucket of hot soapy water, thoroughly wash the cleaner from the grout lines. You don’t have to scrub, just firmly wipe with the sponge to make sure to lift off all the cleaner. You don’t want to stain your grout blue!

Step 4: Mop your tile floors as you normally would.

That is it! I was able to get the before and after photos about 40 minutes apart from start to finish. Now my bathroom is cleaner and looks better too!

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