Fall Festival 2015 at Mansfield Christian School

After a slightly bumpy start to the day — as in how did I not notice I used my last coffee filter yesterday? Maybe the Starbucks VIA instant that expired August 2014 will still taste ok. (No, not it does not!) Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a crisp 59 degree morning. That can only mean one thing— finally Fall is here! In my house that means sweatshirts, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and our favorite – FALL FESTIVALS! This morning, at the invitation of my sister/bestie, the kids hit our first festival of the season at Mansfield Christian School.

Here is what I love so much about the events at Mansfield Christian Schools– they are family friendly! They have the cutest activity ideas from a “Fishing” station where your pre-schooler throws a bucket over a wall and it is filled with candy; to a petting zoo for your elementary aged kids. They also have gorgeous Fall mums in bright yellow, white or lavender; as well as small and medium sized Pumpkins available for purchase.

Probably my favorite part though is that it is fun for the kids but is super affordable too. Unlike some events where $5 gets you 3 tickets and each ride costs 4. (do the math there!) These Fall activities are way cheap! We actually had too many tickets– and that never happens.

What are some of your favorite Fall festivals in our area?

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